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I am Abigail Winston. All My Stories are based on real life incidents. I have written a Short Story Book named Tears which is a Fiction, purely based on a series of real stories which I saw happening with people around me. I have also written a Fully Illustrated Children's Motivational Story Book named Jungle_Race. I have a passion for writing since my school days and have won many inter-school story writring competitions. I do not know how I used come up with fresh stories during the competitions. But, that certainly motivated me to start writing. I am in my early twenties and I do not have much experience in life. But, my dad was an officer in the defence and he has narrated many incidents of his early life, academy days and his life experience of his three decades in the Navy, Army, Airforce and even in his career as pilot spanning three decades. Add up all that experience with mine and I have enough material to write and dedicate a website to persue my passion to write. That way I can give some unique stories for the pure pleasure of reading to my website www.atruelifestory.com visitors. The only earning I get from this site is if someone genuinely buys my books. Reading stories on this website is abolutely Free for everyone. I will be adding new stories regularly. Visit this website as often to new stories I publish. Visit the page True_Story_List where you will find all the stories. The newest stories would be at the end of the list which keeps growing.

I am also giving away a huge collection of True Life Stories (257 Pages) for Free_Download  You may even share this EBook for Free without any modifications. They are all true stories of my dad's life adventures which are completely different from the stories available on this website.