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Children Storybook - Jungle_Race

Jungle Race

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Children's Motivational StoryBook
Fully illustrated 117 Pages
16 Animal Charcters
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The Jungle Race is the first of the Jungle Story Series Children's motivational story books. The Jungle Race is an original and simple jungle animal story about a Slow Loris, who is the slowest animal in a jungle, who challenges the fastest animal of that jungle, the deer. Does he finally win the race? Let your child read and find out. The ideal Birthday Gift to Your Child.

This Children's storybook has 117 pages, is fully illustrated and is also full of moral values which growing children can imbibe whilst reading this Jungle Race animal story.  The Jungle Race story is sure to give Your child truly an immersive reading experience. Read the Jungle Race Kindle eBook Free on Amazon and experience the story yourself. This best Birthday Gift to your Child.

This Jungle Story Book has 16 animals and bird characters with individual names, a Slow Loris (Mr. Loris), a Deer (Mr. Grazing), a Squirrel (Mr. Samlly), an Elephant (Mr. Tusker), a Cheetah (Mr. Speedy), a Crocodile (Mr. Cocodildil), a Bear (Mr. Beardy), an Eagle (Mr. Windy), a pair of Owls, a pair of Giraffes (Mr. Jeffy and Mrs. Jeffy), a Warthog (Mr. Wildy), a Python (Mr. Silva) and a Lion (Mr. Leon).

The moral values are imparted one by one as the child reads through the story. Small kids can be read out this story as the book is fully illustrated to understand each scene better. Read_Jungle_Race_Free  Jungle Book can be read Absolutely Free on Amazon Kindle on any device.

The Jungle Race story central character is a Slow Loris who teaches the Chidren, how to take up a challenge, plan out each action, practice relentlessly to achieve the goal against all odds, generate interest in others and become a winner through pure hardwork, which gives immense satisfaction in that achievement, which will also earn you recognition and respect in the society, exactly as does through this story.

The Jungle Race StoryBook is also availabe as Paperback and Hard Cover, which will be ideal to have in children's book shelf, School library or even in the home library. The Jungle Race story book will also make an ideal Birthday Gift to a Child because the Story Book is also dedicated to Slow Loris, which are small and slow moving animal, likely to go extinct in a few years.

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