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A True Life Story Book

A True Life Story Book is an Amazing Real Life Story Book spanning over Five Decades of a Naval Pilot's Life. Dozens of Gripping, Hilarious and Serious True Stories in over 280 Pages for your immersive reading experience.
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A True Life Story Book is the real life story of a Professional Naval Pilot. There are dozens of true stories from the real life of this author in this Book spanning over seventy thousand words. Each story is written with linguistic acumen and is easy to understand and relate to each and every scene the author has tried to convey to the reader. "A True Life Story Book" is an English literary gem in a sense based on the content of the book and the style of writing.

A True Life Story BookThe Author is a Pilot by Profession and a Writer by Passion. This website www.atruelifestory.com has dozens of true stories from the author's real life which can't be found anywhere else in the world or online. You may scroll down to the end and click on the next story button to read the next few dozen stories on this website. The website is updated with new stories regularly.

The Book named "A True Life Story Book" is a super refined and beautiful version of the stories found on this website. The hard paper back print version is highly recommended for purchase because "A True Life Story Book" is a collector's item. The author has written stories purely from his memory spanning over half a century starting from a tender age of three years.

Both, Digital E-Book version as well as the Paper Back Print of this Book called "A True Life Story Book" series from this author is now available in Kindle, Digital versions as well as the Paper Back Print version at Amazon.Com

The Author has written each story with a lot of care and in his unique story telling style. If you love a story page on this website or a story in "A True Life Story Book", then please recommend "A True Life Story Book" to your friends and relatives through Emails, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

The Author also inspires everyone reading this website or his "A True Life Story Book" to write their own true life story and publish them as books for the world to read and enjoy the life story of another contemporary human being, who lived during their own life time in this world. And if you do want start writing your own true life story book then use this Beautiful PDF Editor which is so easy to use like a word processor and thus it has become the choice of millions of writers world over, because PDF files opens on almost every devices and almost all phones in the world.

A True Life Story