A True Life Story - Almost Missed My Own Marriage

The date was 30 Jan and it was a Sunday. I saw the last flight which was my hope of going across the ocean from the island I was stranded 2000 kilometers away from my hometown, where my marriage was planned in a small church. I was already engaged a month back.

I was very sure that I am going to miss my own marriage planned tomorrow 31 Jan. I will never be able to make it to my home on time tomorrow for attending my own marriage from Port Blair unless a miracle happens. This True Life Story happened in the early nineties.

My marriage was to happen the next morning at 10:00 am. What am I going to do. I cannot swim a thousand kilometers. A ship takes four days to cross the ocean. All I could do at that moment was to pray to the God to make a miracle happen. Something like time travel or a worm hole through which I could beat time and reach the church on time for my marriage.

This is a true life story had happened in Jan 1994 when I was posted to a helicopter flying unit in Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. My luck had first run out when I tried to get leave. Once I cleared that hurdle the previous day and came to the airport, the flight took off leaving me behind on the island. I was going to miss my own marriage despite being engaged just a month back.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wished I was not born. But none of these were for me to do. I am a man and not allowed to cry by the society, I am an officer and I cannot scream lest someone hears me and I am already born 28 years ago and I could do nothing about it. I stood there frozen in time and unable to think logically.

I could not believe that I am going to be found missing in my own marriage stranded on an island 2000 kilometers away from home. I could not even imagine a life for me and my family after that being from a highly conservative society and family.

A True Life Story


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