The Stricken Ship (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (The Stricken Ship) Free_Preview_book  This is the true story of a Stricken Naval War Ship which was caught in a super cyclone. This super cyclone had recorded wind speeds in excess of 230 kmph which had not happened before in that area. The ship and its crew were lost at sea for over three days without food and water.

The ship's main engines and generators were damaged beyond repair. The ship had lost all her safety boats. Almost all the ship's crew members had their limbs or skulls fractured. Without power, the ship's radio had gone silent. Even the Captain of ths ship was injured and unable to help his crew out of this grave situation. The navy orders a massive rescue operation.

This book is a real life story of how the ship was found, how things went wrong for the rescuers as they had badly handled the mission to find and bring the ship back home. The author of this beautiful book is a young helicopter pilot who was involved in this  rescue operation to retrieve the stricken ship even before the super cyclone passed away. The author has given a great detail of the life of a helicopter pilot, what they endure and how this rescue was done in a highly detailed and enjoyable writing style.

The book is available both as an eBook and also as a hard bound paperback. This is a great true life story book worth anyone's personal book collection or a school library. You can Free_Preview_book on before you buy it.

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