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The Ghost in My Cabin - A True Life Story

This is a true life story of a Ghost that lived in my cabin and scared me one afternoon. We the lucky seven left the Academy at Goa after our basic Naval Orientation training and reached Kochi in Kerala, India for a pre flying course. We were Tom, Kaps, Funty, Sumit, Cow, Boxer and I making us seven cadets in all who came to Kochi.

The moment we reached we went to the Officer's Mess where we wanted to get into a cabin each. We thought we were all now going to be Officers and we will be getting individual cabins. But we were given a cabin for two cadets and in some cases three cadets in one cabin. We had no choice but to accept and move into the old buildings with just two rooms without any partition and a single wash room. The building had four walls and a tiled roof which are known to leak sometimes during heavy monsoons.

We Shifted into A Ghost's Cabin - A True Life Story

This was a real fact, because we neither knew the Navy, nor the Air Force any better having spent just about six month in the Navy till then. At Kochi, Tom and I were allotted cabin number 129, by the most powerful guy in a Command Mess, the Quartermaster. A quartermaster is a person who is basically doing a receptionist’s job in any Officer’s Mess across the Navy.

The cabin number 129 had two rooms connected by a large opening where instead of a door, a big curtain separates the rooms. I had to be content with the small entrance area or room because, Tom had already established himself in the bed room with attached bathroom and totally refused to stay doubled up in the same room with me. No one would believe this.

A few days later Tom bought a Hero Honda bike which has a four stroke engine. Now the problem was that he was in love with his bike and sleeps with one hand on his bike seat. He had named his bike Baby which was written on its fuel tank. The Baby is rolled into the bedroom and placed next to his bed with its handle turned such that its head light is facing Tom's face on bed. I wish I had a camera to shoot this scene.

It was very difficult to sleep because of the petrol smell inside the cabin at night. His bond with his bike was so strong, that he refused to understand my problem of a suffocating feeling, smelling petrol throughout the night caused by his bike Baby brought inside the room. From the next day I had to stay awake till he slept off like a log and then carefully elope with his lover, out of the cabin.

When he wakes up in the morning he never remembered his bike and never asked how it went out. Every night, for over a week I had to repeat this procedure, till Tom finally learned to sleep without his bike placed next to his bed. About a week later, one Sunday noon, Tom and I were sitting in the elbow bender which is the name of our Bar in the Mess.

A Ghost Lived in Our Cabin - A True Life Story

We were sipping Coca Cola with one of our new Officer Flying Course mates, a Sub Lieutenant, nick named Baggy, who was kind enough to be signing for our drinks. Baggy asked, "Hey Tom, I understand you are staying in cabin no 129?" Tom said, "Yes Sir". Baggy said, "But do you know, that is the cabin where Commander XXXX committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan in the bed room?" Now the ceiling fan Baggy mentioned is the same fan under which Tom was sleeping with his Baby those days.

Cabin No 129Tom asked, "When Sir? You are just fooling me" Baggy said, "No, it is a true life story. But don't worry, that was very long ago about two decades back when XXXX was a Sub Lieutenant. Now his Course mates are all Commanders, who kept virtually promoting Sub Lieutenant XXXX also along with them, to maintain his relative seniority.

Baggy continued scaring us, "But be careful OK. People who have stayed in cabin no 129, have often seen blood marks and experienced unusual happenings. That is why it was empty when you two came and the quartermaster must have been really happy because, nobody wants to stay in 129. After an unnatural death, the body may get cremated by humans, but the soul of the body or the ghost, stays in the cabin and may even get into some people or animals staying there”.

Baggy continued, “Even the behaviour of the people into whom the soul enters, may become like the dead person. But don’t worry, I myself don’t believe in ghosts." Tom kept listening very intently and had actually believed all that Baggy was bragging. Tom didn't speak during lunch and was silent mostly as we walked back to our ghost infested cabin no 129 after that.

The Ghost Showed Up by Day - A True Life Story

That being a holiday, as usual lay on bed for a short afternoon nap. I might have dozed off for a while. It was around 3:30 pm, just about an hour from the time we came back to our cabin. Tom shook me violently out of my sleep. As I opened my eyes, there stood my dear friend Tom like Tom Cat from Tom and Jerry cartoon, shaking all over and whispering, "Pal, there is blood all around my bed. Baggy was right. The ghost of Commander XXXX is still living in our cabin, with us".


Tom's bed and my bed were just two meters apart with only a curtain separating them. Yet he stood there shaking with fear, as I went to his room on the other side of the curtain a long 200 centimetres away. Now, I was the one getting a shock. Baggy was right. Is it possible that the real life story he narrated was true. Is this a true life story happening with us?

There was actually a line of blood around his bed. There is a real ghost in our cabin, contrary to all my belief and whatever all my elders and parents have told me to this day, I thought standing there for a few seconds as fear started gripping me. But I had to act boldly, to show off to my friend Tom. So, I started walking closer to inspect the blood.

I Saw The Ghost - A True Life Story

The Ghost PegionThe line of bloody seemed to come from the bathroom, go around the bed and go back into the bathroom. Reluctantly, but acting bold to pacify my friend Tom, I followed the blood trail in to the bath room. And there lay a pigeon with a metal arrow in its left wing and the poor thing was bleeding. I called out to Tom, “Hey Tom, come and meet Commander XXXX”.

But Tom was already outside and talking to me through the window, his voice still unsteady. That is when our CB or Civilian Bearer, came with the afternoon tea. I told the CB to clean up our cabin with water, as we waited outside. Tom looked relieved and smiling at himself.

This is a true life story. Before the CB left with his tea can, Tom told the CB in Hindi language, "Voh sahab ka bed bhi bedroom mein pankhey ke neechey shift kardo", which meant, Shift Sahab’s bed (my bed) also into the bedroom, next to his bed under the fan.

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