A True Life Story Book

A True Story Book - The Life and Adventure stories of a Professional Pilot. Download_eBook_for_Free in PDF format. You may Share this free eBook online or on electronic medium freely but without any modifications. There are nearly a 100,000 words in this Ebook spread in over 300 pages covering all aspects of this naval pilot's real life experiences written in a story form exactly as each story happened in full details.

It is hard to believe after reading the book, that even after going through such tough life threatening situations, how did this man survive from each and every one of these events which could have ended his life.  Experience the pain and pleasure endured by this author, during an evenful and illustrious life and career, sruviving all the near death experiences in his life and flying career.

The paperback version of A True Life Story Book was released one year later with many more true stories not contained in the free version. The paperback version of "A True Life Story Book 1", is actually a collector's item and will be a great addition to any home or school library because of its highly motivating stories in the book.

You can   Preview_PaperBack_Free  on Amazon.com before you buy the hard bound paperback version of this great storybook for your library.

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